One Life Values

We want to change the world
We will be about things that matter and further God’s kingdom.

We want to be a church with a big vision because we serve a BIG GOD
We want to see One Life Church reach thousands of people for Jesus.

We will do what is right
We are committed to integrity, excellence, and generosity.

We will have fun together
Nothing is more joyful than serving God wholeheartedly.

We will be people led by the Holy Spirit, seeking a lifelong, genuine, and tangible faith
We are not ‘of the world,’ but are ‘sent into the world’ to be Jesus to all we encounter.

We will empower the next generations to stand on our shoulders
We will honor the past by mentoring the future.

We will invest in children, teenagers, and young adults
We believe young people are the church of the now, not just the future.

We will stand for those who cannot stand for themselves
We will be compassionate people of justice.

We are contributors not consumers
We will let go of things that are good to pursue things that are great.

We will sacrifice our preferences, to make it easy for others to find Jesus
We will speak the language of the culture, so everyone can hear the gospel in a way they understand.